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Frazinis veiksmažodis „PITCH IN“

Green Innovations, a startup that creates eco-friendly products, received a larger-than-usual order and needed help to meet the deadline. At the meeting, the CEO asked anyone who could to pitch in. Tom, from marketing, volunteered to pitch in on the production line - he had never worked with the machines and was keen to help. Mary helped with packaging and shipping. With everyone's help, the company managed to finish the order on time.

At the next meeting, the CEO thanked the team and asked them to pitch in their ideas for a new product line. Everyone shared their thoughts and the team came up with a great new idea.

Kaip matome iš šios situacijos, „pitch in“ naudojame norėdami pasakyti, kad kažkas prie kažko prisidėjo. Pitch in gali būti naudojamas tiek kalbant apie prisidėjima idėjomis (1), tiek ir fizinį prisijungimą prie kitų (2). Frazė ypatingai tinkama situacijoms, kai tas prisidėjimas atneša kokią nors naudą.


  • During meetings, my manager likes everyone to pitch in so that whatever the outcome, it’s seen as a team effort. (1)

  • To win the World Cup, every player on the team needs to pitch in. (2)

  • Please pitch in if you have any ideas. (1)

O kokį sakinį sukurtumėte jūs panaudojant šią frazę?


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