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Pažintis su mokytoju. Farah.

Šiandien angliškai kalbiname mokytoją Farah, kuri dalinasi savo įžvalgomis apie mokytojos darbą ir tai, ką svarbu žinoti besimokantiems anglų kalbos.

Hi Farah, can you tell us why did you become a teacher? I have worked as a teacher my whole life and enjoyed it, that’s why I decided to make it my profession.

Different teachers use different methods, have different approaches to teaching and interacting with students, they also tend to see their own role in the process in myriad different ways. What kind of teacher are you?

My priority is to make sure that the student enjoys the lesson and gets value not only from learning English but also from expanding their knowledge in communication.

What is the most difficult in this job for you?

Interacting with many people a day can be tiring but I find that I can control these difficulties.

What myths about language learning would you like to dispel?

That you need a teacher who speaks your native language if you’re a beginner.

Yes! We agree. If the teacher doesn't speak the student's native language, the student is forced to learn faster.

What would you want to say to everyone who is studying a language?

Find ways to enjoy learning.

Could not have said it better. It's true. If it's only about work and not about play then sooner or later, everyone gets tired. Or bored. Or both.

Thank you Farah!


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